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The Darkened Addon turns most of the dimensions in Minecraft into more dangerous and hellish environments. The Overworld looks much darker than ever before and there is a complete set of new mobs roaming the earth. Most of the hostile mobs have had their behaviors, textures, sounds and models changed to simply create a more gloomy and apocalyptic like world.

Creator: AlexFirey1411, Twitter Account, Website

What have been changed?

The main differences you will notice are the textures, sounds and some of the mob models. All of them are simply more dangerous. I’ve included a full list of changes further down on this page.

All of the changed mobs go under new names too but one thing that isn’t much different is the fact that most of them still want to kill you.

Behavior Changes & Other

  • Players have been boosted and resist fall damage (great for elytra enthusiasts!)
  • Husks and zombies are replaced by Phantoms and Desert Phantoms hunt the player, sometimes in groups. They can also enter houses but they have a weakness and that is that they are hurt by water. Sometimes they spawn backup minions. Desert Phantoms also teleport.
  • Iron golems are replaced by the Defender which is both much larger and stronger.
  • Bats are replaced by bolt-spitting Lightwings
  • The horse and jump boost is slightly increased
  • Skeletons prefer sword combat rather than bows, but Strays stay true to their bows and will fight at longer ranges.
  • Endermen dislike Phantoms who they will fight. It teleports much more frequently and attacks the player randomly. It also shoots fireballs.
  • Wither Skeletons have had their speed and combat boosted.
  • Ghasts are smaller and more agile. They attack more often and sometimes fight zombie pigmen.
  • TNT causes an extreme explosion.
  • Arrows are cause more damage but are still affected by the same gravity.
  • Snowballs do damage to more mobs than just blazes, players included.
  • Creeper move faster and do more damage when charged.
  • Witches have the ability to summon Phantoms into battle (instead of throwing potions)
  • The Wither Boss hurt if it gets wet and its speed has been greatly boosted. It may charge players.
  • Strays, Ghasts and Endermen shoot projectiles in bursts of 3.
  • Villagers have had their health boosted and they also look different. They also do more types of trades.
  • Both spiders have a new model with six legs. It’s suggested that it lost its other two legs when shapeshiping to a new form (as spiders do in real life when they get bigger apparently). Normal spiders shoot small fireballs and cave spiders have faster and more deadly attacks.
  • Horse jump and speed are boosted slightly
  • Zombie Pigmen are boosted as well. They have new textures and they are equipped with diamond swords.

Texture Changes

  • Gray panoramic background on start screen
  • Gray logo
  • Some of the text has been changed, also some mob names have been changed.
  • Mobs and spawn eggs have new textures and colors.
  • New textures for the sun, moon, water, rain and snow.
  • Most of the textures look darker.
  • Potion particles are invisible

Custom Sounds & Music

  • Arctic Phantoms (Strays)
  • Dark Dragon (Ender Dragon)
  • Defenders (Iron Golem)
  • Desert Phantoms (Husks)
  • Nether Phantoms (Wither Skeletons)
  • Phantoms (Zombies)
  • Skeletal Phantoms (Skeletons)
  • Witches
  • Main Menu
  • Creative Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Music credits:



  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Settings> Global Resources> Activate pack
  3. Create a new world in-game and activate the behavior pack (the reason why I don’t recommend activating the resource pack here is that it might crash)

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.