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MC: 土ツールアドオン Dirt Tools Addon
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Are you tired of ordinary equipment? Do you want stronger equipment? Try this add-on! This add-on adds tools made from Dirt! Let’s face the monsters with this! Your Minecraft life will change …!

Add Dirt armor and tools with this add-on!

Video Showcase:

Dirt Tools & Armor

Dirt Sword +999 Damage

Dirt Pickaxe +13 Damage +999 Mining Speed

Dirt Axe +15 Damage +999 Mining Speed

Dirt Shovel +12 Damage +999 Mining Speed

Dirt Hoe 

Dirt helmet +Knockback Resistance

Dirt Chestplate +Knockback Resistance

Dirt Leggings +Knockback Resistance

Dirt Boots +Knockback Resistance

Dirt Armor  Full Protection +Knockback Resistance

Don’t forget to turn them on at the end