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Enjoy the beauty of having even more tools if you have some redstoen, emerald, lapis and quartz laying around without any use then this addon is for you!!! This addon brings 6 new armor types to your game, 15+ new decorative blocks and 50+ new tools to play with. Feel free to enjoy these items in survival as you like.

NOTE: You can’t steal the code or textures in any way!!! only if we talk about this on twitter @sori662_pop or in the comments down below!!!

If ur doing a mod review you have to put this page link in the description

NOTE: this was tested only on PC!!! Im not sure if its working on phones with android or ios.

-Blocks are only for decorations, down there you will find all the information you will need about all the blocks, tools, items and food.

NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!.

-Enable Holiday Creator Feature!!!

-Aditional Modding Capabilities!!!

Code made with bridge.

3D models made with Blockbench.

NOTE: This addon is still in development it doesnt have all the recipes for all the blocks just yet .To get certains items you have to use commands like this: /give @s sp:item_name.

-Tools(all are avable is survival)

Here you will find all the tools:

All the tools are crafted like any other tool in minecraft with emerald,redstone,quartz,steel,enderite and lapis lazuli instead of diamond, iron etc!!!

-New feature now you can upgrade emerald pickaxe, axe and sword with the new block called Upgrade Quartz Bench!!!


Added support for even more tools to upgrade with quartz!!!
-Redstone tools
-Lapis tools
-Diamond tools
-Steel tools 
-Emerald tools

Pickaxes and Axes can now mine most of the nether blocks!!!

Upgrade example you will require the upgrade bench block.

Emerald tools Quartz Upgrade SET example

Lapis tools Quartz Upgrade SET example(new)

Redstone tools Quartz Upgrade SET example(new)

Steel tools Quartz Upgrade SET example(new)

Diamond tools Quartz Upgrade SET example(new)

EMERALD TOOLS SET. Overall slightly better than diamond.

Emerald recipe example:

Emerald sword

  • damage: 9

Emerald pickaxe

  • damage: 4

Emerald axe

  • damage: 6

Emerald shovel

  • damage: 5

Emerald hoe

  • damage: 2

LAPIS TOOLS SET. Overall slightly better than netherite.

Lapis recipe example:

Lapis sword

  • damage: 10

Lapis pickaxe

  • damage: 5

Lapis axe

  • damage: 8

Lapis shovel

  • damage: 5

Lapis hoe

  • damage: 3

REDSTONE TOOLS SET. Overall slightly better than iron.

Redstone recipe example:

Redstone sword

  • damage: 6

Redstone pickaxe

  • damage: 3

Redstone axe

  • damage: 5

Redstone shovel

  • damage: 4

Redstone hoe

  • damage: 2

QUARTZ TOOLS. Better than netherite sword Overall OVERPOWERED(Are crafted using quartz and blaze rod instead of stick)

Quartz axe

  • damage: 12


Quartz hoe

  • damage: 6


Quartz shovel(new)

  • damage: 7


Quartz sword

  • better than netherite sword Overall Overpowered

  • damage: 15


Quartz pickaxe

  • faster than netherite pickaxe Overall Overpowered

  • damage: 8



Enderite tools are crafted with enderite ingot and ender stick!!!

Enderite Ingot Requires Upgrade bench to be crafted!!!

Ender stick(new)

Enderite pickaxe:(new)

Damage: 7

Enderite axe(new)

Damage: 10

Enderite sword:(new)

Damage: 14

Enderite shovel:(new)

Damage: 6

Enderite hoe:(new)

Damage: 5

Steel tools are crafted with steel ingot and steel sticks

Carbonized iron ingot Requires Upgrade Bench(new)

Steel ingot Requires Furnance(new)

From steel block(new)

From nuggets(new)

Steel nugget(new)

Steel stick(new)

Steel sword(new)

damage 10

Steel pickaxe(new)

damage 4

Steel Shovel(new)

damage 5

Steel axe(new)

damage 7

Steel hoe(new)

damage 3

-Food 2 new food items.


Orange avable only as an item in creative inventory or commands
it restores 8 hunger! no recipe yet.

Melon Iron Sword

  • can be eaten (hunger 6)(not recommended)
  • damage: 7


Fish Iron Sword

  • can be eaten (hunger 6)(not recommended)
  • damage: 7



  • hunger: 18


  • hunger: 8

-Blocks (these are only for decorations)

Here are all decorative blocks:

  • Pizza

  • Full pizza

  • Happy pizza

  • Glowing ice(glows in the dark)

  • Regal cheese

  • Smiley Cheese

  • Sad face

  • Smiley face

  • Old vines table

  • Wood box

  • Upgrade Bench

  • Oak Planks(red, yellow, purple, blue, lime)(new)


Upgrade Bench(new)

Use: Can upgrade emerald,redstone.quartz,lapis,diamond and steel tools.

This block is needed to upgrade emerald,redstone.quartz,lapis,diamond and steel tools!!!


-3 blaze rods
-4 blocks of quartz


-crafting table

Oak Planks(red, lime ,yellow, blue)(new)

Crafted with: red dye, blue dye, yellow dye, lime dye. ,purple dye

Recipe example: Red Planks

Purple Planks

Some blocks have a crafting recipe and are avable in survival


  • Steel block(new)

  • Enderite block(new)

  • Pizza

  • Full pizza

  • Regal cheese

  • Wood box

  • Old vines table

  • Glowing ice (glows in the dark)

-Armor 6 new types Emerald,Steel,Redstone,Lapis,Enderite and Quartz 

All the crafting recipes are like any other armor in minecraft but will require Emerald,Steel,Redstone,Lapis,Enderite and Quartz !!!

Redstone armor

recipe example:

Redstone helmet 

  • protection: 2

Redstone chestplat 

  • protection: 6

Redstone leggings 

  • protection: 4

Redstone boots 

  • protection: 2

Lapis armor

recipe example

Lapis helmet

  • protection: 4

Lapis chestplat

  • protection: 8

Lapis leggings

  • protection: 4

Lapis boots

  • protection: 4

Emerald armor Overall Slighty under diamond armor 

Emerald helmet

  • protection: 4

Emerald chestplat

  • protection: 8

Emerald leggings

  • protection: 4

Emerald boots

  • protection: 3
  • It gives 19 armor points 1 less than diamond or netherite.

Crafting recipe example for emerald chestplate

Steel armor slightly under diamond armor but has knockback resistance Update!!!


Steel helmet (new)

-protection: 3

Steel chestplat (new)

-protection: 7

Steel leggings (new)

-protection: 5

Steel boots (new)

-protection: 4

Enderite armor like quartz armor Update!!!


Enderite helmet (new)

-protection: 4

-knockback resistance: 0.1

Enderite chestplat (new)

-protection: 8

-knockback resistance: 1

Enderite leggings (new)

-protection: 4

-knockback resistance: 1

Enderite boots (new)

-protection: 4

-knockback resistance: 2

Quartz armor Overall Slighty better than diamond armor


New added knockback resistance!!!

Quartz helmet

  • protection: 4

Quartz chestplat 

  • protection: 8

Quartz leggings

  • protection: 4

Quartz boots

  • protection: 4
  • It gives 20 armor points overall

Crafting recipe example for quartz chestplate

Blocks in this addon are just for decorations!!!

Note: pickaxes can’t mine terracotta and some endstone blocks!!!

Note: these items/blocks can be obtained in creative with commands/give @s sp:name | example:

/give @s sp:pizza

Note: enable experimental features!!!

Note: i tested this on windows 10 edition only i have no idea if its working on android or ios.

Check out my youtube channel!!! Only if you want


Download both the resource pack and behaviour pack and click on them to start the instalation process then enable experimental gameplay in world options.

Windows 10