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MC: Tower of Craft (Obby)
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Hello and welcome to “Tower of Craft” witch is a obby in Roblox but its in Minecraft are you ready to face the Minecraft challenge well lets get straight into it!

First we need to look at the rules if some of your Friends are coming over and trying to beat the Tower they need to obey these rules see the photo: Now all of those rules have been read now lets see what the first stage is but first there are commands that give you power ups if you click the button hmmm.. Anyways see the photo what the first stage looks like: 

Now the first stage has Jack-o-lanterns you need to step on each of them to get across the seconds stage is magma jumps make sure you don’t step on them or you will take some damage now you have seen those 2 Levels. Lets see what the other Levels looks like see the photo for the next Stages: 

As you can see there is another Magma jumps but this time its like a Magma parkour so you need to jump on each Magma to get across then you will be greeted with some stairs walk up the stairs to the next Stage so the next Stage is Purple like Blue that stage is going up Ladders and steeping on blocks after when your done that stage you walk up the Stairs to the next Stage. to see the next Stage lets look at the next Stage to see: 

Now your probably thinking why is Cyan so short that’s beacuse Cyan and Orange are together I got a little creative when I did that also on the Cyan/Orange there is blocks you have to jump on then on the big Orange there is Spine’s you have to climb then jump on the other Spine then you Finished the Tower lets see what it looks like when you win! Lets see the next photo: 

Now here there is Different choices and you can do cool stuff the first Command is where it says “You made it!” it does /title @a title @p BEATED THE TOWER then for a reward it gives the player XP if they press the Button so the Command is /xp 100 @p after that then the last Button says “Click here to go back” so then it will kill the player and put them back at the spawn that Command is this /kill @p then after that they can do the Tower again now if you want to see what it looks like outside. Here is the next photo: 

Now you can see the Command blocks and the Colors now if you want more detail on the Tower here is a video on YouTube: 


First open the Mcworld file then it will say "Level import Finished" then click play then you will see the world HAVE FUN!!!