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Have you ever seen those cool floating texts on servers?

With this addon you can add them to your worlds and maps, these are very useful when decorating and areas.

You would like to have great floating texts in your worlds as well as in the servers then you are in the right place, these floating texts have become very fashionable when it comes to decorating the map with they are attractive to the eye and useful if you want to point out something these texts Floating we have seen it several times on servers like Cubecraft, Hive and Mineplex.

 This Addon allows you to add floating texts to your worlds and maps as decoration, they are really useful when decorating lobbies or the map, they are also useful when we want to point out an area or give it a name for all players to see.

Once the Addon is downloaded and activated in your world, all you have to do to have these great floating texts is to write the following in the chat:

/ summon mod: floating_texts “Your Text” chained

This command allows you to add the floating texts although you can also remove the creative egg to spawn it and then rename it with a label.

Floating texts are immune to lava and fall damage, and they also have no gravity, which means that they can stay floating and show the text in the air.

In some similar Addons I noticed that under the floating texts there was a shadow and I did not like that much, so I created my own Addon.

The only way to eliminate these texts is to write the following in the chat:

/ kill @e [type = mod: floating_texts,r= 1]

It is important that you are close to the text you want to delete

These texts are immune to blows and cannot be moved.

Important: to use this Addon you must activate the experimental game mode.

Works as of Minecraft 1.16.210


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