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Welcome to Herobrine Mode for Minecraft’s Pocket/Bedrock Edition! In this mode you become Herobrine, or at least get powers like Herobrine. Basically there’s many features included such as:

– 80 Hearts (Four rows of hearts)

– Slightly faster

– 7 Damage per hit

– Friend with all undead mobs

– Fire Immune

– Breathe Water

– Resist fall Damage

About Herobrine Mode

The first feature we have is that your normal 20 hearts are now replaced with 80 hearts. Herobrine is pretty powerful anyway, so why not get extra hearts? 

You move slightly faster but it’s not much of a change. Damage is 7 now so you can kill 20 heart enemy’s in 3 hits. (Your fists aft like a diamond sword) 

Next up on the list is being friends with undead mobs. Zombies, husks, Skeletons or anything undead like will not attack you. (Unless you attack then they will attack you) 

Herobrine basically lives in the Nether right? Well either way you have the fire immune ability now which would also make since because Herobrine shouldn’t really be hurt from fire. The final last 2 features is that you can breathe water now and resist fall damage. If the Ender Dragon decides to launch you high up no need for water buckets anymore! Also no more water potions because you basically always can breathe water.

Other stuff

I made a YouTube video about the addon so some things make more since. Also, half the addon is an idea from someone commenting on my YouTube channel so just wanted to point out! 


How to install Herobrine Mode?

Heres how to install Herobrine Mode if you don’t know how!

1. Click “Herobrine” in the installation.

2. Download “herobrine.mcaddon”

3. Install to Minecraft and put on behavior packs when on world details.

I don’t recommend this with multiplayer as it could bug the game! But it should still work.