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MC: The Xyurfire Skinpack (Very Pog)
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Hey guys! Have you ever wanted to wear the skin of everyone’s favorite Youtuber, Xyurfire? Well you’re in luck! This skinpack has all the skins I have ever used. They are all custom made with great detail. 

Here is how the skinpack looks in the skin editor: 

Herobrine Variant (main skin)

Normal Eyes: 

Soldier (128x skin, may not work on some servers): 

Weird and derpy smile (great for trolling): 


Backwards skin (great for trapping): 

If you like the texture pack featured here, then here is the link: 

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  1. Download
  2. Press on it and should automatically import
  3. If it does not automatically import, then rename the file from .mcpack to .zip, then unzip to the skin packs folder storage/games/com.mojang/skinpacks
  4. Open Minecraft, and from the main screen go to Profile under your character
  5. Press Edit Character
  6. Press on the second tab (has multiple people in the symbol)
  7. Press on Owned
  8. The Skinpack should be listed right there.