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MC: The Virus [Adventure] (Horror!)
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The Virus is a horrror map where you play as a physician named Dr. Admond. It might sound quite confusing but the mysterious and confusing part of the map makes it so much better and more interesting. The map has been played by JackFrostMiner which should be an enough reason to tell you that’s it’s good.


Your name is Dr. Admond and you work as a physician. Approximately one week ago a tragic epedemia started and it’s now certain that it has reached the hospital you are working in. The virus are far beyond any knowledge known to mankind yet.


  • Turn difficulty on and always keep it on
  • Don’t break any blocks except for sponges
  • No cheating or usage of mods

Creator: GoldenCrafterMC

virus1 virus2 virus4 virus3