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MC: The Orphanage [Adventure] (Horror Warning!)
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The Orphanage is one of Minecraft’s most scary maps for PC and that’s the reason why it was ported for Minecraft PE. As redstone is not a feature in Minecraft PE as when this map was created KoolGhettoKid (the one who ported it) had to use redstone alternatives in the most clever ways to make it resemble the PC map as much as possible.

As a whole this map is incredibly fun, but scary of course since it’s a horror map. The only downside we can think of is that it doesn’t feature custom sounds as in PC to set the mood in the map, but that’s only because Minecraft PE doesn’t yet support it.

After a long journey you are finally coming back to your hometown, though you are still in the outskirts. To keep yourself awake you turn the radio on to listen in on any news. Suddenly your car starts to slow down, causing you to press the gas pedal but it won’t speed up. The realization soon comes to you – the car has ran out of fuel and you are in the middle of nowhere.

It’s cold outside and you the only thing you are left to do is to leave your car and find shelter somewhere. The dawn has already come and its entirely dark outside, but soon you start noticing a few lights about 200 feet ahead of you. As you get closer you see the sign of the mansion:


“Oh great..” you think for yourself. The orphanage is far away from your home so the only chance of not dying of the cold during night is for you to see if they can help you. You walk up to the large wooden door entrance and knock a few times. The wind is chilling and your legs are cramping because of the cold. Suddenly the door opens slowly with a screeching sound.. you walk inside and the door shuts and locks.. will you survive?


  • Play in Peaceful
  • Don’t break or place any blocks unless told so

Creator: KoolGhettoKid

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There’s a new modded map version available here: