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MC: 1417449469: Epic Savannah Mountains
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The spawn is in a savannah biome. In front of you there should be a fairly small hill or mountain. Walk diagonally to your left and make sure you have the same mountain on your right while continuing ahead.


Continue to walk so you get around the mountain and have the mountain wall on your right until you see a small pool of lava and a little pond.

Walk up to the pond and lava and stand so the water pond is on your left and the pool of lava on your right. Turn to the lava and walk in that direction (circling around the lava obviously).


After a while you should be able to see some extrene mountains and a small floating island high up in the sky in the same height as the mountain tops.


Follow the mountain wall for a while and you should see some more epic views.


The biome is a huge and consistent savannah biome but the terrain is severely shifting with lots of interesting mountain formations.

If you continue past the entire savannah biome you will finally get to a little village which is nicely situated on and in  the savannah mountains. One of the houses is actually in a cave.


Seed: 1417449469