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MC: Outertale Sans Addon
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This Add-on adds up a character from the Undertale Alternate Universes called Outertale Sans who is Tremendously  strong and has extremely powerful magic and attacks when fighting his enemies, Outertale Sans is so powerful that he can kill God mobs in just seconds or minute without getting killed! 

Some  Pictures of Outertale Sans Ans his attacks

Outertale Sans

Bellow are his attacks

Outer Bones

He will shoot these bones

Outer bone lucker

Gaster Blaster

He will make diamond block trails when attacking

Things To Note About this Add-on

Creator: Aaron Gamer

Note Don’t give direct download links of the addon, just give the  mcpedl link

Mob Type: Hostile

Health: 60000

Power : Extremely Strong!

Power Category: God Mob

Youtube Showcase Video

You Can Check Out My YouTube Channel And My Discord Server


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