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Are you an Among Us Fan? Then this is the best add-on for you! It Adds up all the Among Us Crews with their Colours and 3 Imposter Bosses who will challenge you in survival! And a free Spaceship that you can ride

Here are the Sus crews that you can spawn 

Note, I called them sus cause they are all sus 


White Sus 

Cyan Sus 

Orange Sus 

Grey Sus 

Lime Sus 

Brown Sus

Purple Sus 

Black Sus 

Red Sus 

Yellow Sus 

Pink Sus 

You can spawn them but some of them can attack you in survival 

After killing them, they all have death animations

Note  Of all the sus, there are these 3 sus who are special, that you can only get them through functions 

Lava Sus 


/function lava 

Light Sus 

function to get him 

/function light 

Light Rainbow 


This is my favorite mob, Lol 

/function rainbow 

And some free Among Us pics You can spawn 

This add-on will add up a spawnable spaceship  too that you can you!

Click *ride ship* to ride it 

Now The imposters 

The Bloody Imposter 

Health: 105

Damage :13

When dead 

The killer Imposter 

Health 103

Damage 12

Dead Killer Imposter 

The Blade Imposter 

Health 102

Damage 11

Dead Blade Imposter 


Things to note:

Note :This Add-on was Created is owned by Aaron Gamer 

So don’t modify it or anything like that, and don’t give direct links, Just give the mcpedl Link

Add-on Showcase 


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