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MC: Space Wars
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A second installment of the “Space” series, a minigame where you play with 2-4 friends and fight on planets in space! There are 4 planets in total where you fight on, and a large sun in the center. There also an asteroid belt surrounding the sun so it’s easier to access other players. Each planet has its own moon/comet with another optional chest with loot. Be the last to survive to claim victory in space!

A low gravity mode that you can activate to add a slow fall effect to replicate the less gravity in space.

4 Different planets, an asteroid belt, and the sun you can fight on. Every game will be interesting when playing with friends!

 A jukebox in the waiting room to listen to. If your friend is a good sport you can turn off the gravity mid-game and mess up their jumps! (But make sure to not make them mad).

You can bridge sideways or you can bridge upwards with low gravity to get onto other planets or even the sun!

 We also added a scoreboard to track player wins and while in-game you can see on the side who is alive in-game aswell! (Everything is self-working and you won’t be able to see command blocks whenever you play so it’s very seamless. TP to zero zero to see the commands if you are curious)