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MC: The Extra Stuff Addon
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Want six new ores a stone a wood and two new foods? Then this is the addon the ores you get can be used to make tools and use the new wood like the other woods so theres more wood selection.

This addon has 6 new ores:

Zomp Ore – This Ore is the worst ore its the most common

You can smelt the zomp ore to a zomp ingot and use the zomp ingot to make tools

Example – 

This makes a zomp pickaxe

Blonk Ore – This is the second worst ore its the second most common

This ore is perfect slightly better than a diamond but worse than netherite

Domp Ore – This is the 3rd worst round about mid rarity

This ore is slightly better than netherite rarer than iron

Bomp Ore – This is 3rd best ore its op and not as rare as diamond ore

This ore is op and perfect to use

Romp Ore – This is the 2nd best ore basically same rarity as diamond

This ore is godly and nearly unstoppable

Somp Ore – This ore is so rare its nearly impossible to get

This ore is the new rarest ore you have a full set if tools with this and your the most expensive player ever and the tools are op. If you somehow get all the tools you can craft it into a MULTI TOOL it can break anything does so much damage its unstoppable. 

This addon has a new wood

Blonk Log – This wood can be gotten from trees 

You can turn the log into planks but you cant make it into crafting table yet as i dont know how to fix it yet but you can in a crafting table and you can make a blonk wooden sword

Blonk Log

Blonk Plank

Foods – The two foods are chocolate and cheeseburger

Chocolate – This food ups your hunger up by 2 bars it can be crafted with 3 cocoa beans one in left middle one middle and other middle right

Cheeseburger – This food ups your hunger by 5 bars it can be crafted with 6 wheat and one cooked beef 3 wheat on top left top middle and top right and another 3 wheat bottom left bottom middle and bottom right and cooked beef in the middle 

This Addon has a new stone

Flock Stone

The flock stone is just like a normal stone just barely more rare the sword does .5 more damage than a nornal stone sword and can use the flock Cobblestone to make a normal furnace 

Flock Cobblestone

This is dropped when flock stone is mined you can get flock stone just by smelting flock Cobblestone with a furnace