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MC: The “Doraemon” Addon
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This time, I would like to introduce the amazing creation of OMS Team, not CYBOX.

Doraemon invites you to the amazing world of science!

This add-on’s based on ‘Doraemon’ by  Fujiko F. Fujio.

[ How to use… ]

[ Features ]

• Summon Doraemon using crefting tables and materials.

• You can trade Doraemon’s tools with dolayaki.

• Try 8 different tools. ( Please View How to use? Video)

• It supports English, Japanese, and Korean.

[ Credit – Our Minecraft Space (OMS) ]

– iMasterProX ( Resource Pack, Modeling )

– Nolangjippagwi ( Resource Pack, Item Textures ) *Outsourcing

– Minyee2913 ( Behavior Pack, Mcfunction )

– Dr.Neil Watts ( Behavior Pack, Mcfunction ) *Outsourcing


This add-on is only officially distributed on MCPE DL, MCPE DL, MaMoCker, OMS, Addons for Minecraft (iOS, Android App).

[ Donate ]

I ask for voluntary support for our developers.

[ Contact Us ]

For more content inquiries and business partnerships with the OMS team, please contact! (Only English and Korean are supported.)



You have to turn on exparimental mode and education edition.

Please see the mcpe dl's installation guide.

But If you are iOS/iPadOS of iOS 13 or higher, Watch this guide video.