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Have you ever wanted a pet fox but using a lead felt too cruel or would they run away? Guess what! I bring you an addon that lets you tame foxes!

  • Foxes can be tamed with sweet berries due to this now to breed foxes you must tame them.
  • Foxes will follow you if you hold sweet berries like usual.
  • Tamed foxed can be sit down and have a collar around their neck.
  • Both variants of the fox (arctic and red) can be tamed.
  • Tamed foxed now attack mobs that attack you!
  • Baby foxes bred from tamed foxes will not be automatically tamed.

P.S Next Update will make it so that you can dye the collars 🙂

To be informed of the next update feel free to join the discord server

Both variants of tamed foxes sitting

Aren’t they just adorable!

If you have the old version installed delete it and then install the new one.



After downloading the packs double click on both of them and it should automatically be imported to Minecraft


Extract the content of the the zip files into the resource pack and behavior pack folders and then launch minecraft.