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MC: Speed Builders (Modded Map) [Minigame]
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Speed Builders is a really unique and fun minigame perfect for everyone who want to improve their building skills. You have 15 seconds to examine a structure and once it disappears it is up to you to try to recreate it. You will be given a score based on your speed and accuracy.

Creator: robalb

How to play?

Before starting the minigame make sure to select whether you want to play the map in multiplayer or singleplayer by using the lever as seen below.

Then find the Play button and press it once to enter the speed building room. Whenever you feel ready, stand on the Start pressure plate and the map should shortly begin.


You will have 15 seconds to examine the blueprint of the creation which you are supposed to build. Then it will disappear.

Collect all the blocks and try to build a structure just like it. The blaze rod can be used to destroy blocks so you can pick them up again. You will be given a score based on your success.


To start another challenge simply stand on the Start pressure plate and another will shortly begin.


  • Play on peaceful
  • Use the mod included (install guide found further down on this page)