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MC: Shadow’s Ban System
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Ever wanted to have the ability to ban those pesky griefers/hackers from your realm, server or world? Well this pack can fix that problem! This pack allows you to ban, warn, or even send people to jail/purgatory!

This ban system has 3 features! Permban, tempban, and warn!


  • Warnings have 3 types, type 1, type 2, and type 3!
  • To warn someone, type /tag player add warning1,2,3
  • Warning 3 permbans them!


  • Tempban sends people to the jail! Or as many of you might call it, purgatory!
  • To setup this, just type /summon armor_stand purgatory
  • To tempban someone, type /tag player add tempban


  • Permbans PERMANENTLY ban people! You can unban them whenever you want, just note that this is the most powerful ban on this pack, this constantly teleports them to the sky!
  • To permban a player, type /tag player add permban


  • Permbans permban people
  • Tempbans tp people to jail
  • Warnings warn people

If you want a more simple explanation that gets things easy and done, heres a video!

Enjoy the pack!


  1. Click the download link
  2. Click the blue square
  3. Click minecraft
  4. Enjoy!