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Hello, thanks for entering, this addon adds two new things, the first of all as you saw in the miniature, the bags from Minecraft 1.17. And the second object would be a wagon with a flashlight, which was an idea proposed by youtuber Warfredonde, now, I will explain what each of these objects is for. This is a beta of the addon, if you ask me for ideas that could be good for minecraft 1.17, I will gladly do so. This addon is not very heavy, and bearable for low-end electronic devices, and this addon does not contain scripts.


Bundles, what are they for?

Bundles are used to store objects, also serve to avoid many items in the inventory, and useful to make space or to store important things.

This object, as you all know, will be added to Minecraft in the summer of 2021, and that is why I created this bag, this bag as a test only works in solo mode, not in multiplayer mode, for code reasons.

How does it work?

For it to work, you have to start crafting, only crafting can activate the function.
The crafting is as follows:

My addon adds in the nature section, the crafting of the bag in case you don’t remember.
When crafting it, you will only put it on the ground, and it will give you another bag, and the bag that the game will give you is the one that you will use as a backpack, so you can store your things.

Watch out!

You can only craft one, as I said, it is a beta version, and it has bugs, and it is not quite finished. And when opening the bag, do not put the bag inside, otherwise. by putting it, you will automatically lose everything and have to restart the world.⚠

If you have already filled your bag with things, and your inventory too, you can free up one more space in your inventory with the bag, simply by putting it in the second hand of the character.

Well this is my sack concept, now comes the following:

-Minecart Lantern

What is it for?

Well, like the youtuber warfredone, it could be useful that when traveling with this wagon to your cave, everything around you can be illuminated in real time, well, this is what this wagon allows.

It can be found in creative mode in the wagon section.

Or in the same way, you can craft it with a flashlight and a normal wagon.

This wagon, it works without rails, since bedrock edition has limitations in the game, and it is in beta phase, it has lighting errors, such as light flickering, but it works the same way.

You can ride without problems, even if there is no rail function, it is very good as a car, xD. Thanks Warfredone for the idea, and if you see this, please send me a hello.

You can only see this light at night or in caves


Just install it and click on the file and it will import automatically.