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MC: SCP Tesla Gate Add-on (SCP – Containment Breach)
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This tesla gate is model very similar to SCP- Containment Breach. 

This add-on also supports simultaneous use with other add-ons (But sometimes not working) 

Have fun and you got a electric shock


  • Tesla Gate

The Tesla Gate works when someone approaching.

Also you can turn off with using Changer Tool.

This shock kills most living things

  • Facing Tool

Can rotate every entities (supports other add-ons)


  • Don’t forget to turn on Holiday Creator Features in world experiment settings!

  • Not need to credit and leave link in your content. (If it only using this add-on)
    : But your map will be based on CC BY-SA 3.0


SCP – Containment Breach:
(Ultimate Edition):

Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0: