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Do you feel that Minecraft needs a larger ore variety, as well as another set of tools and armor? The Sapphire Gear Addon has you covered, adding Sapphires as well as Sapphire tools and armor,  all useful and enchantable

This addon adds a whole new material, sapphire, which can be used to craft a whole new set of tools and armor. I took these tools from my Human Addon and decided to make it into a separate addon for anyone who just wanted new tools and armor. More on my other addons will be a the bottom of the post.

So these are the new items below. I took existing Minecraft textures and modified them to be sapphire. These are all obtainable in creative, but the Sapphire Ore and the Block of Sapphire are only obtainable through commands as of now.

These tools do as much damage as stone tools, but don’t be fooled!! These are more enchantable, should mine faster and look way cooler than boring old stone.

Unfortunately, durability is still broken and can only be done through lengthy workarounds that have not worked for me, but I will implement it in the future. They will have about 196 durability when it works.

The armor rating is weaker than most sets of armor, but this is meant to be a more common mineral. Keep in mind that it is more enchantable than most armors as well, so it has its own buffs.

Where would you find this ore? To differentiate this ore from others, I made it so you can only find this ore between Y: 90 and Y: 100. So go to the mountains to find this. Due to limitations, it may be a bit slow to break and won’t require a pickaxe. This will be implemented in the future.

These tools and armor are crafted exactly as you think they would be crafted, but here’s a picture anyway.

As said before, this set of gear is very enchantable. In fact, it’s almost as enchantable as gold, and definitely more enchantable than diamond. The enchant I performed below should say enough (first try, by the way).

The armor also looks very flashy for those who want to look cool. Try it enchanted and you might be hard to look at, but look super cool.

Anyways, that wraps up everything about this addon. As said earlier, this came from my Human Addon, which is my most popular addon thus far. While this addon fixes a couple bugs from the original, there’s much more functionality in the Human Addon such as trading. If you’re interested, check it out below by clicking the link-

I’ve made addons like this, so if you want Emerald Gear as well, I’ve made an addon for that too-

Anyways, thanks for checking this out and have a good day!


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