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MC: S.W.A.T.: 25+ Diamonds Under Spawn
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In this seed you will spawn in a huge jungle and underneath the spawn point you will find more than 25 diamonds – an incredible amount of diamonds and so easily found.

“By far one of my favorite seeds.” That’s the words of AceCraftGaming in his video review he did of the seed (look further down to find it).


To find the actual diamonds make sure you haven’t moved too much around already as you need to dig down straight down at where you spawned.

Eventually you will fall into a cave.


Continue by walking to your left after falling down into the cave and then take the first right. Assuming you are on the right track you should begin by seeing a bunch of coal ores.


Soon you should see some water flooding down the path of another tunnel. The thing you want to do here is to follow the water down that tunnel and then straight ahead of you there should be a zombie spawner.


In the chest you will find: 3 iron ingots, 3 strings, 2 gun powders, some wheat and a bucket. But lets ignore that dungeon for now and make a swift turn around and you will find your first diamonds.


If you continue in the direction of the two first diamonds and follow the water you should find a four more diamonds. Besides those there are lots more to be found. Look at AceCraftGaming’s video review to find the rest.


Seed: S.W.A.T.