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MC: Smallest Stronghold Seed
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(Read changelog) If you think the stronghold is always too big then you’re wrong. Here’s a seed that contains a small stronghold but don’t worry it still has the End portal room. And it is also near spawn so you can reach it easily.

Here you will spawn.

And now if you look turn 180 degrees you will see a village but sometimes you can’t see just because there is a tre in front of you.

This village contains 2 blacksmiths. Bunch of haybale and some crops, you can gather it for a survival starter pack.

Then you have to stand in this location (952 ~ 1) and dig down until Y is 18.

You will fall in here but don’t worry, you will not mess up with lava. I broke the silverfish spawner  becaue there are so many silverfish and its annoying

This stronghold is very small. It just contains one loot chest, small hallway and a starway.There are nothing in the stairway.

This is where the loot chest supposed at

 this is the small hallway this is the top view of the stairway

This seed is perfect for you if you want to make a stronghold base because ITS not too big and If you die you will spawn back in your stronghold but be careful about the silverfish!

You can usually showcase this seed for your content but please at least say where you find this seed (MCPEDL).

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