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This Shader is good for playing adventure in beautiful places, the lively grass with suction cup, the realistic clouds with shadow, the shadow with soft, works in UPDATE NETHER o light colors like blue fire stay blue light and orange fire makes light orange and water with amazing sky reflection!

This Shader has a choice of Low, Medium, High and Ultra in this version 5.0.

Visit shader in the video: Enable caption/Habilitar subtítulos/Ative legenda/启用字幕


-It has graphic shader option.

-Put on first or after save this option and restart the game, use the brightnedd 50% of the game is original.

Low version-

Medium version-

High version-

Ultra version edition-

-Showing all version: glsl(Android and iOS) device shader colors are the same color as hlsl win10(1.16.100 previous).

Supported platforms:

-Android / iOS : works well or some devices fail in the shader.

-Win10: for 1.16.100 previous.

Compatible for my mobile device:

Model: LG K11 Alpha.

Process: MediaTek MT6753 or superior.

Frequency: 1,30 GHz or superior.

RAM: 2GB or superior.

OpenGL ES: 3.0.

⚠️RenderDragon not support⚠️

Switch, PS4, XBOX 1.13 and win10 1.16.201.

RenderDragon was officially released as Win10 (16.1.201 superior).

I am very tired of this. I will stop developing the shader for the Bedrock.


Automatically install with mcpack.

Please turn off other shaders (light and shadow) and textures to avoid possible mistakes!