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Hardercore changes vanilla entity AI to challenge players. These AI changes can be increases to health, speed, projectiles, or new behaviors entirely. To reward players for surviving Hardercore, chests contain better equipment, mobs drop better loot, and most experience rewards are increased.

Please Note:

Hardercore is intended to played on Hard difficulty. Normal and Easy difficulty may not be balanced well.

The goal of Hardercore is to increase the difficulty of base Minecraft without adding much new content. That’s why the new entities added are either variants of existing mobs or very similar to existing mobs.

Hardercore increases the difficulty of the game in a challenging but fair way*. Instead of reducing enemies to massive bullet-sponges, Hardercore increases other attributes such as their damage, projectiles, and sometimes their behavior. 

Alongside the vanilla enemy changes, Hardercore also adds two new miniboss variants of existing mobs: The Zombie Overlord and Spider Queen.

New Enemy Minibosses:

Zombie Overlord

Zombie Overlords are slower, harder-hitting, and more resistant than normal zombies. They also have the ability to summon smaller zombies (“Risen Dead”) to attack the player. The Risen Dead have less health, speed, and damage than normal zombies.

Zombie Overlords are treated as minibosses, and such display a health bar when you are close.

Zombie Overlords drop iron ingots, diamonds, and have a chance to drop a zombie head when killed.

Spider Queen

Spider Queens are slower, harder-hitting, and more resistant than normal spiders. Like normal spiders, she is not slowed down by webs.

She has the ability to summon several small baby spiders to support her. These baby spider are faster than normal spiders, but deal less damage. They also do not have the ability to climb walls. Although the baby spider very low health, a large group of them can overwhelm you if you allow them to spawn. These baby spiders are also not slowed down by webs.

The Spider Queen switches between “melee” and “ranged” modes on a timer.

In her melee mode, she is faster, but still slower than normal spiders. She can attack with a melee attack that inflicts lethal poison on hit.

In her ranged mode, she is slower and can inaccurately shoot out several balls of web, which upon hitting either an entity or block, cover the immediate area in cobwebs in an attempt to trap the player. Being caught in these webs next to the Spider Queen or several baby spiders can prove fatal, even if you have good armor.

New Entities

These entities exist primarily to make their respective bosses more difficult, but both can be found naturally.

Wither Tower

Wither Towers can be found naturally, albeit somewhat uncommonly, in the Nether. They are also spawned by the Wither during the Wither boss battle.


Natural Wither Towers shoot wither skulls at the nearest player. These wither skulls are not as powerful as those fired by the Wither, or the Wither Tower spawned by the Wither.

Like Wither Skeletons, Wither Towers have a chance of dropping a Wither Skeleton Skull.


Wither Towers spawned by the Wither are considerably stronger than those found naturally.

Wither-Spawned Towers overcharge after a few seconds, indicated by them turning blue. When overcharged, Wither Towers rapidly fire blue wither skulls which deal more damage than normal wither skulls. These blue wither skulls also heal the Wither upon striking a player.

Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon spawns naturally in the End, on both the inner and outer islands.

The Baby Dragon switches between “melee” and “ranged” modes on a timer.

In their melee mode, Baby Dragons swoop down and attack the player similarly to a Phantom. Just like the Phantom, this can be disrupted by attacking them before they reach you.

In their ranged mode, Baby Dragons float around and fire smaller, weaker Ender Dragon fireballs at nearby players. The lingering effect of these fireballs are smaller and do not last as long as the effect from the large fireballs, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

*”Hardercore increases the difficulty of the game in a challenging but fair way”: debatable


Note: Untested outside of version 1.16.200. I see no reason it wouldn't work on a different version, as long as "Holiday Creator Features" is an available option, but I cannot confirm it.

  1. Download the MCADDON file.
  2. Open the file to automatically import Hardercore (Behaviors) and Hardercore (Resources)
  3. Enable the newly downloaded packs, preferably on a new world.
  4. Enable "Holiday Creator Features"
  5. Start World

Applying Hardercore to an existing world will result in chest loot tables and Ender Crystals being unmodified.