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MC: Flashlight for Horror Maps
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Have you ever wanted to make a horror map with something unusual? Using this texturepack you can make working flashlight (to see how to do it, download world) which will be useful.

However you can make this texture for item that can be enchanted (more about it will be under)

You can choose which item will have texture of flashlight using settings button, when you activate it.

Possible variants:

How to make texture for item that you want (item can be enchanted):

Go to games/com.mojang/resource_packs and find there this texturepack (install it before this) its title can be cutted to “Texturesfo”

then go to subpacks/Custom/textures/items and rename the picture (rename to diamond_showel for example)

Important note: remove texturepack from world before you update it, or updated version won’t work.

Then launch minecraft and activate texturepack (Don’t forget to choose “Custom”).

To see how to make working flashlight, download world where is mechanism on command blocks. (Texturepack not included)

Turn brightness to minimum to let it work as good as it can.


  1. Go to the link
  2. Wait about 10 sec.
  3. Press "Free access with ads"
  4. Discover some interesting articles
  5. Press "Continue"
  6. Download texturepack and open using minecraft
  7. Activate when you create a world

Don't forget to look into texturepack settings and rename item using anvil.

If you use texturepack in your creation and you want to publish it, leave credits.