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MC: Explosive Parkour [Parkour]
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Explosive Parkour isn’t the ordinary type of parkour you are used to. Instead of physically jumping from one block to another you will in this map explode creeper mobs which will make you be shot up into the air and hopefully land on the intended platform if you aimed it right.

It is definitely a hard map which requires some time getting used to before grasping the idea of how to place the creepers to have them send you where you want them to.

How does it work?

At spawn you will be able to collect steaks, gear and creeper spawner eggs from chests. Put on the gear and eat a steak after every jump. Use the spawner eggs to place the creeper where you want it to explode.

ScreenShots009 ScreenShots010ScreenShots011

Creator: TrollofMCPE


  • Never break/place blocks
  • Water can only be placed at checkpoints
  • Always have difficulty set on hard
  • Don’t use any mods which might interfere with the map to your advantage/disadvantage