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MC: Redstone A Hodgepodge
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This is a texture pack made by lonelyang. There are a lot of content about redstone. This texture pack will be of great help for you when you are creating redstone contraptions.

This is the logo of the texture pack,Does it look good? This texture pack contains too much content.Let me introduce you one by one

1:Trapdoor have yellow[on] and red[off] switches to distinguish whether they are on or off.

2:Funnel Direction  can be distinguished by arrows.And through the yellow or red to distinguish whether it is locked by the red stone energy.

3:The thrower and the transmitter can be distinguished from each other in six ways.The transmitter is red.And the thrower is blue.

4: more obvious distinction between trap chest and normal chest.

5:The Repeater has an auxiliary identifier to determine what grade it is.

6:The sunlight sensor can distinguish from 6 facets.

7:The button and the pressure plate are marked.(Unfortunately, we can’t tell you if it’s activated )

8:All three types of furnaces can be distinguished from burning on six sides.

9:end teleport gate There are auxiliary lines on it to distinguish the direction.

10:It is more intuitive to see whether the wires of the trip hook are connected correctly.

11:You can see the damage to the anvil more clearly.

12:It can better distinguish between ordinary stones and stone infested with moths.

13:Beehives and hives can tell if they are full on all six sides.

14:Water and magma have dynamic arrows to point the way.

15:The clock was chopped into an electronic clock.

16:The Strength level of the bow will be more intuitive to see.

17:Pumpkin heads It will become transparent , and there will be a small icon to remind you whether  wear pumpkin heads or not.

18:Chat interface and command box interface will have tab button

19:Chat bar and command box will have a shortcut to return to the previous sentence or the next sentence button.

20:A one-button synthesis is added to the knapsack synthesis interface and the synthesis platform button.

21:The characters shown on the enchant stand are translated into English.(It might be more aesthetically pleasing )

22:The upper right corner of the equipment item icon will show its defense.

23:It has red stone energy display and block display.

24:In order to distinguish the steps, we put a bag corner on him.

25:The villager’s back will show his occupation.

26:The panda’s character will be displayed on his back.

There’s a lot more to explore.We haven’t updated for six months.Because we’re planning A big update,If you find a bug or have a suggestion.Can be published in the discussion area.Thank you for your support of this texture pack!