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MC: Better Hotbar | v3.0 [More Icons Update]
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-Better Hotbar-

Enjoy this incredible hotbar, very pretty and beautiful, you can use it for pvp, survival and many things in which you can use it

Did you know that this xp bar can help you to click which button to change the object on PC because in the part of the hotbar where the items go, some numbers appear that can help you how to change the item [I put this in case you are new playing and you still don’t know how to change the items]

Inspired by: Variety Hunger & Health / Created by Sunnybrook1

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It is time to change the style and I do not say your clothes if I do not say the boring style of the vanilla hotbar, in this package the hotbar will change completely minus the xp 🙁 [soon the change do not worry be happy😉] wait for the Next update that will change the Minecraft pe buttons and the xp bar and I don’t know what else to change soon, what can you tell me in the comments please

Now seriously we reached the moment that everyone was waiting for so much well some no but well here are the images of how it looks

Images ->






Gold hearts

Hunger effect

Under water

All Icons

Oh Pizza yum yum 🍕

oh wait who bit the pizza 🙁

New Colors Update:

New XP Bar

New Icons Update:

    1.16.210 BETA Support🎉

The next update will change everything, and that will be added well…

New Food Bar v2

New Xp bar v2

New quick access bar with more details

New Armor bar and more