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To begin with, this map was created by my Doctor Joker and I did it to create a world where the island of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World were only one, the enclosures, structures and constructions of the same



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Prehistoric Park

It is an island in minecraft based on the jurassic park and jurassic world movies where you will find new and many combined structures from the saga.

This will have more than 10 enclosures for dinosaurs, more than 10 structures and innovative constructions and much more, including a great volcano too huge!

How does it work?

To start you will appear in the typical jurassic world ship in survival mode, there you will find a map and food to start your adventure !!!

Then we follow the path; which is very important and good that I did since so you will not get lost, there you will find the easter eggs of jurassic park

Then you will get on a minecart and it will take you to the gates of the park which look very beautiful at night (this map can be used in night mode since it is very well lit in urban areas and roads)

This path will take you directly to the visitor center which is linked to the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World parks.

Already inside this great construction you can find too many things such as fossils, minigames, maps, books and more that are familiar with the saga of jurassic park and jurassic world


Then you will look for the part where it says “welcome to Prehistoric Park” it will take you directly to the enclosures of the island

T rex kingdom the great fusion

If you are a fan of the saga and very detailed you will have noticed that the initial part of the enclosure is based on the jurassic park structure and the back part is based on the structure or the typical trunk of jurassic world

Spinosaurus and baryonyx enclosure

In these two enclosures the aquatic environment stands out, perfect for these two prehistoric creatures

The Great Aviary

A very complete and large environment and enclosure where you can put your flying dinosaurs so that they can fly freely

Raptor paddock

Another great easter egg of the movies if you are a retailer you will see how the enclosures of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are perfectly united

Many constructions

Herbivorous Dinosaur Enclosure

a very very large enclosure full of vegetation to feed all your herbivorous dinosaurs

The aquarium

an enclosure divided into 4 parts, 2 for huge marine dinosaurs and 2 for smaller marine dinosaurs, in this enclosure you will find a position to better see these animals

The great volcano

One of the greatest things besides the natural mountains is this great volcano, where you will find a spectacular view in the viewpoints that will be near it.


Use my map with a shader and texture set in the jurassic park saga and also a dinosaur addon to make the map look beautiful


God Of War Teaser Trailer ( find the easter eggs in this map) This addon will be in mcpedl very soon for now, just subscribe to my channel to be aware of everything


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