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Hello, my name is MMON’S and this is my first upload here on MCPEDL. I am Brazilian and I apologize if the English translation is not correct. I hope you have fun with my amazing minigame map!

🚨 WARNING 🚨 This map is still in beta.

 💎 This is probably one of the most complete minigame maps on MCPEDL

 Mapa This map consists of three minigames:

 • Find the button (10 levels, with different themes each)

 • Labyrinth (3 levels, with labyrinths of larger sizes at each level)

 • And my latest novelty and the newest minigame on the map, Arena PVP Fighters

 💎 The PVP minigame consists of 4 arenas:

 • Standard Arena

 • Fire Arena

 • Ice Arena ❌

 • Magic Arena

 Mapa The map also has a coin and shop system, as well as an amazing magic shop with staffs, spells and special armor.

 💎 The kit room has 7 kits, the kits are divided into 4 levels. There are currently 3 kit rooms.

 💎 The money is earned through your wins, in fact, even if you don’t win the game you will still earn coins in relation to the time you last in the arena. Simply put; you earn 1 coin every time within the arena.

 💎 It is necessary to collect enough coins to unlock all kits, weapons and arenas, so it is good that you fight a lot.

 🚨 Specifications: Currently this map is in beta and only the standard arena, the fire arena, the magic arena, the normal store and the magic store are available. (The ice arena still remains to be built).

 It takes a lot of work to build and do all the commands yourself, so I ask you to be patient.

 💎 I hope you like the update because it gave me a lot of work. Even with the last arena missing, the map looks incredible and can be played smoothly. I hope you have fun.

 💎 Until the next update 💎