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MC: ZG’s Vanilla Structures Addon
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Hey I’m zack and I will show you my first ever addon created which is zg’s vanilla structures addon.. This addon adds 10 new structures to minecraft bedrock edition. This include bushes, rocks, and dungeon… More structures will be added in the feature

Credits: Ultimate Craft & MACHINE BUILDER

Structures List

Evoker Tower
Spawn Chance : 0.25
Spawn in Taiga Biome
Spawn Chance : 0.25
Spawn in Desert Biome
Spawn Chance : 0.25
Spawn in Forests
Desert Tree
Spawn Chance : 3.00
Spawn in Desert Biome
Dead Bush
Spawn Chance : 3.00
Spawn in Desert Biome
Spawn Chance : 1.00
Spawn in Desert Biome
Spawn Chance : 0.50
Spawn in Forests
Spawn Chance : 5.00
Spawn in Overworld
Spawn Chance : 30.00
Spawn in Forests
Villager Statue
Spawn Chance : 0.50
Spawn in Jungle Biome
Loot Chest Are not yet Randomize So It Will Be The Same Chest you opened if 2 Same Structures Spawn
In The Same Biome Aswell
I Will Add Randomize Loot Chest in The Next Update
Addon Trailer


Download The Addon And Then Extract The Zip File By using Any File Editor And Cut The Behavior Pack To Games/com.mojang/behavior Pack After That Open Minecraft And Enjoy!

Download The MCAddon. After it Finish Downloading Press The Addon And it Will Automatically Open Minecraft... Enjoy!