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This Addon Adds 21 SCP’s, Few blocks, items, guns, to Minecraft PE. This addon was inspired by BendyTheDemon18 SCP Addon. Few mobs are ended in -XK. This Addon is going to be updated in the Future. New mobs and new features will come soon in months. Note. If you are using my addon please credit to me and Do not steal my addon code and textures without my permission. Some SCP’s Behaviour were inaccurate because i made my addon using crafty craft please appreciate it.

Chaos Insurgency

Spawns: Anywhere

They were pillagersClass D:

They were villagers but evil and side with pillagers. Note it will be fixed soon.SCP-500

Gives you Instant Health and Regeneration and clears dangerous/ harmful effect.SCP-300

If you eat then you will die.SCP-127 Living Gun

Just a normal gun but shoots teeths.Weapons:


Negev LMG


They were custom but to get this you /give cc: and find blocks here and type because its too long to type.Keycards.

Scientist and Doctor

They were villagers but function would come soon in the next updateNine Tailed Fox

Spawns: Anywhere

Kills Hostile Mobs an SCP’s

SCP’s Note: these features are not on this page 


Heath: 20

Behaviour: Passive

Retextured Iron DoorSCP-457-XK

Health: 500

Behaviour: Hostile

Damage: 5

Can be hurt when wet.SCP-566

Spawns: Anywhere

Damage: 5SCP-3199 XK

Behaviour: Hostile

Damage: 5

Spawns: No(It would spawn when there is a new update.)SCP-529

Behaviour: Passive


Behavior: Hostile

Damage 5

Can be burned in sunlightSCP-049-XK

Damage: 6

Effect: Poison


Behaviour: Hostile

Health: 1024

Damage: 100

Hes to fastSCP-939-XK

Health: 50

Damage: 10

Effect: Fatal PoisonSCP-096-XK

Behaviour: Neutral

Heath: 1024

Damage: 100

Hes to fast and he can kill you if you look at himSCP-131 

Behaviour: Passive


Behaviour: Hostile

Damage: 10

Health: 800

He can teleport anywhere


Behaviour: Hostile

Health: 30

Damage: 15

They can be burned in sunlightSCP-548

Spawns: Ice Plains 

Damage: 5

Effect: Poison


Health: 1024

Damage: 500

Behaviour: Extremely Hostile

He can kill anything (sometimes.)


Spawns: Anywhere

Health: 40

Damage: 5

Behaviour: Hostile


How to Download:

1. Download Both Resource Packs and Behaviour Packs

2. Go to Worlds Settings

3. Apply both Resource Packs and Behaviour Packs in Resouce tab

4. Turn on Experimental Features

5. Enjoy :)