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MC: Minecraft – Super Mario Bros. Edition for Minecraft Bedrock 1.12
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For Minecraft Bedrock 1.12 (Rough Equivalent to Java 1.14)

Hey, Paisanos! It’s Minecraft: Super Mario Bros. Edition, now for Bedrock! Some things (such as random block textures and some animations) are changed or missing compared to the Java version, due to the differences and limitations of Bedrock Edition, but everything is ported as close as I could get to the Java version!

 The Java version is priority, so the Bedrock Version may be updated less frequently, but, I’ll try not to let it fall too far behind.

This version is compatible with Windows 10 and Android, and is theoretically compatible with iOS, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, if you have the know-how on how to install custom resource packs on those platforms.

Also, a note to Mobile users, the ZIP version of the pack must be Unzipped in order for music to play ^^

Here are some Images!


Additionaly, click here for the ZIP version!