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MC: Minecraft Earth Mobs Plus v1.1.0 Addon
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This addon adds all mobs from Minecraft Earth. Errors are possible because Bedrock doesn’t have some components.

Each animal is able to blink and has a chance of appearing in the world in a certain biome.

This Add-on adds all the animals from Minecraft Earth mobile game! All animal spawn eggs are available in creative mode, but they can also be found randomly in the world.

If Pig is in the biome swamp and in the water or in the rain it will turn into a Myddy Pig!

You can use saddle and carrot on stick to ride her!

Jolly Llama look very cute and it is completely analogous to an vanilla Llama.

If you use shears on Wooly Cow you will get brown wool!

Moobloom look so cute and can be found in flower biomes.! 

Jumbo Rabbit is larger than a vanilla rabbit.

Horned Sheep can be painted with any dye!

Cluckshroom can be found in Mushroom Fields.