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MC: Midas Touch Function Pack
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Everything you walk into will turn to Gold. Every mob that gets close to you will turn to Gold. Every item that gets close to you will be converted to gold. Every block that you touch turns to gold. Nothing can escape this curse, not even your hotbar.

How does it work?

Midas Touch turns the world around you into gold. Everything you touch and walk into will inevitably turn themselves into gold. Not even mobs could escape this curse. Whenever an item or a mob that tries to attack you or if you get close into will be turned into gold. Their entire body would instantly solidify in front of your very eyes. Block like grass, dirt and stones, even water and flowers will be turned into gold. Works partially in other dimensions as well.

If you want a short video demonstration, go watch this video:


Original Concept came the man, the legend himself, Sethbling. I got inspired by his video that’s why I made this pack for people to enjoy.

This function pack is consist of over 300 commands running at once. I did not include every single minecraft block because it would probably destroy your gameplay. Instead, what I did is, I included every single organic blocks and item imaginable from the game. Blocks like sugar cane or Mobs like the Wither boss will turn to gold in an instant when a player touch them.


How to use a function pack:

1) Download and install the .mcpack file into your selected world

2) Go into your selected world and give yourself a repeating command block. Type the following command "/give @p repeating_command_block"

3) Place the repeating command block and type in the command "/function midastouch"

4) Set your repeating command block to "Always Active" and you're good to go

Here's a quick video tutorial: