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MC: The Death Master [Minigame]
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Do you like having complete control over your friend’s life?  Do you like pretty buttons which spawn deadly traps that could kill them instantly?  What if I told you this map was full of that?  If you said “yes” or “I would be happy” to any of those, then let me introduce you to the Death Master!

The Death Master is a multiplayer map where there are 2 people: a test subject, and a death master.  The test subject has one goal:  obey the death master.  If the test subject doesn’t follow the death master’s every will, then the death master will have to do  THEIR job: kill the test subject in a variety of entertaining ways.  This includes, but isn’t limited to:



Battle arenas!

And much, much more!

Get ready for all of these glorious deaths when you download the death master!