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Heya, I am Jax aka. JaxOrSomething ever thinked that the helmets were not like the model when you wear them or any other non-logical items? Well this fixes them!

Make sure to download my first pack!

If you found a bug please dm me on discord!


Helmets looks just like the models in game, sorry for the distortion, the other pics may have the same distortion.

The armor stand and the item holder is just like the block, I really like tbe look of the armor stand.

The wood signs’ bottom is like the log it is made out of because when you place it it shows as a log on the bottom.

Repeaters and comparators are actually connected and not floating like the normal items, I really don’t know why it was like that.

The painting actually looks like the actual painting and not a blank picture with a “holder”

The flint and steel is now actually working and not like a pirate’s hand.

The books look better in my opinion, I mean if you make a book why would it not have that separator when you write on it, or why would it be written when you make it in the first place.

The jungle door doesn’t have a weird hole like the item, I don’t even know why it was like that.

The exp bottle is a throwable right? So why is it in the shape of a drinking potion and not a throwable potion?

I mean.. Lava is hot right? So why is the bucket not red hot?

The emerald looks like an actual coin and the diamond looks like a diamond in real life.


That’s all, this pack might not be updated.

Thanks for downloading!



How to put in game?

Open a file manager, I recommend the Xiaomi file manager.

**I will give the instructions for that file manager only!**

Search (Top Right Corner Magnifier Icon) ".mcpack"

Look for "Jax's Better Itemsv.1.0.mcpack"

Click and press "Docs"

Press show more and select minecraft

Wait for it to import and you are done!