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Are you bored of simply storing food in a chest and would like to see immediately what kind of food you have? There is a solution for this. Download Addon Jar for Food and store your food better.

Jar for Food

Made by EndiKM

This Addon adds a new block which is a jar to keep food in.You can store 1 to 10 apples, for example, in a jar.

You can make a jar:

At the moment, you can put into the jar:



-Cooked Beef


-Cooked Porkchop



-Baked Potato

In the future, it will be possible to put the rest of the food.


He created an addon : EndiKM

I used code with permission : Derp Craft

Derp Craft Discord Tag : rafa0103#7098


You can freely edit or modify this Addon as long its for personal use. For codes you MUST ASK DERP CRAFT FOR PERMISSION.

Suggestions, Bug Report, and Feedback:

My Discord Tag : EndiKM#0153

Or you can use the comment section below.

Thanks For Downloading