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MC: The Color Underground PE [16×16]
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The Color Underground is a cute texture pack in bright and joyful colors. It looks good for most types of creations but mostly so for normal survival adventures and RPG styled creations. As it is a low-resolution pack it should work fine on most devices, even low-end. I ported this texture pack (which took a few good hours!) just to see if I could do it. This is the result. It’s not 100% perfect but close to it!

Creator: Aurum_32 (original PC pack)

the-color-underground-texture-pack-4 the-color-underground-texture-pack-2 the-color-underground-texture-pack-1 the-color-underground-texture-pack-5 the-color-underground-texture-pack-6 the-color-underground-texture-pack-3download