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MC: Hog’s Trees
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This addon is an addon that adds 4 new trees into the game. The tree’s are Coconut, Apple, Mangrove, Cherry tree. The trees function and naturally generate in the world.

There are 4 trees added. A coconut tree. Apple tree. Mangrove tree and a cherry tree.

The mangrove and cherry tree has its own new wood type. Each new wood type has Log, planks, stairs, slabs, 6 sided log and leaves for its tree.

All rotatable blocks are rotational. But i’ll show you the tree’s.

There are 3 versions/sizes of each tree.

Cherry Tree

The first tree is the cherry tree. The cherry tree can be found in plains and forest biomes. The cherry tree’s leaves naturally break and it’s own wood type.

Mangrove Tree

The second tree is the mangrove tree. The mangrove tree is a tree only found in swamps. They have roots and its own type of wood type. The leaves naturally break like the cherry trees.

Coconut Tree

The third tree is the coconut tree. The coconut tree is found in beaches or deserts. The tree is like a palm tree and have coconuts that grow off of some of the leaves. The coconut tree has jungle logs as it’s wood.

Apple tree

The final tree is the apple tree. The apple tree grows apples on the leaves and uses oak as it’s wood type. It has the same look as the oak trees but with apple leaves. The leaves grow apples onto them like the coconut tree.