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MC: Hide And Seek : Farm
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Discover the hide-and-seek map in a farm ! It’s a fun game to play with friends. In the beginning, there is a seeker. His goal is to find the others. If someone is hit, he will have to help find the other people hidden on the map. The game lasts 5 minutes and if the time is up, the hidden players will have won ! After a while gifts appear on the map. Players can take them and get a bonus or a bad reward! So be careful !

# How to play?

There’s one that counts and the others have to hide as fast as they can. After 20 seconds, he has to look for them and touch them.

To make the hider want to come out, gifts appear on the card. Players can come out of their hiding place and take them to get a good or bad reward. But beware! seekers are never far away. So be careful! 

# Credits

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