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MC: Grappling Hook Challenge (Modded Map!) [Minigame]
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The Grappling Hook Challenge is a modded minigame in which you will have to use a grappling hook to get past a multitude of wall obstacles. It’s definitely a difficult challenge so it might take several tries before getting it right but once you do it gets really fun. It should be noted that currently there are just a few levels but it’s possible a sequel is coming up soon!

Creator: Bensen247, Twitter Account

How to play?

Once you’ve spawned at the starting area there will be a few different things you should start out by doing. The first thing is to use one button to set the correction conditions for the map. And the second thing is to use a button to retrieve the grappling hook (or fishing pole).

The map consists of several huge wall obstacles which you must get past using the grappling hook.


To use the grappling hook hold the fishing pole, aim by looking at the direction you want to go and then tap the Fish button.


To release the grappling hook press the Fish button again. If you haven’t used the grappling hook before it might take a few tries before doing it correctly.

There are multiple checkpoints in the map. Make sure to look for these and use them whenever possible to set your spawnpoint.



  • Play on survival mode
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Three mods required (read install guide further down on this page)

Install Guide

This map requires 3 mods. Make sure you read the entire install guide.

  1. Download the following mods: Grappling Hook, SimpleCommands, Command Blocks (install guide for mods)
  2. Download the map (link down below) (install guide for maps)
  3. Restart BlockLauncher and then go in-game to play the map!