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MC: Grappling Hook Challenge 2 (Modded Map!) [Minigame]
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The Grappling Hook Challenge 2 is a unique map idea which takes advantage of a grappling hook mod. In total there are five levels to be completed and in each one the objective is to use the grappling hook to climb a huge wall and press a button to get teleported to the next level. Test your aiming precision and see how many levels you can complete. There are checkpoints at every level so it shouldn’t be too difficult to complete if you give it some time.

Creator: Bensen247Twitter Account

How to play?

Begin by reading the rules and instructions found in the map. Once you begin a level there will be a button which can be pressed to obtain a grappling hook (or fishing pole).

To use the grappling hook use the fishing pole to aim in the direction which you want to go and then press the Fish button to throw the grappling hook.


If you want to release the hook press Fish again. The objective is to get to the top of the tall structure in the level and find a button to press to be teleported to the next level.


At some levels you will need to drop down to the bottom of the level to find the button.



  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Set gamemode to survival
  • Don’t break blocks
  • Install all requires mods (see install guide)

Install Guide

This map requires installation of three separate mods. Please read the install guide to figure out how to properly install ti.

  1. Begin by downloading the following mods: Grappling Hook, SimpleCommands, Command Blocks (install guide for mods)
  2. Then download the map (download link found further down on this page) (install guide for maps)
  3. Restart BlockLauncher and go in-game to play it!