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There is a murderer on the loose and its up to you to find out who it is and bring them to justice! You can be a detective and solve the mystery of the murderer. Or you can play as an innocent and run from the murderer. You can play with up to 8 people to find out who it is!

You are placed in a building and one person is a murderer, another is a detective, and the rest are the innocents.

The murderer has 10 minutes to kill everyone. The murderer is given only a sword.

The detective’s goal is to find and kill the murderer. The detective is given 2 golden apples and an infinity bow.

The others are innocents must survive the murderer. They are give 2 golden apples. They can become the new detective when the old one is killed.

There are 9 differently themed rooms throughout the building to explore. You can look around and find many ways to sneak around and hide.

If you can hunt down the murderer then the innocents and the detective win! Also, if the murderer doesn’t eliminate everyone in the 10 minutes, then the innocents win as well. However, if the murderer kills everyone, then the murderer wins.

Some of the hiding spots include: an underground tunnel that transports you to different rooms, there is a room where you can hide behind a bunch of doors, one has tons of bamboo to hide in.

Gold can spawn randomly throughout the map. When you collect enough gold, you can purchase items that will help you against the opponent.

For 10 Gold you can purchase a shield

For 15 Gold you can purchase a speed potion

For 25 Gold you can purchase a healing II potion

The murderer and detective are chosen at random. And the game is continuous, so everyone will have a chance to become the person in each position.

Players: 3-8

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