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MC: Glittery Glow Squids
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Is the glow squid just a little too bright for your tastes? Do you wish it was animated like in the voting reveal video? Wish no more! This pack improves the glow squid by making a few subtle changes.

Three changes have been made to the glow squid:

  1. The whole texture of the glow squid is no longer emissive. Instead, only the areas directly around the turquoise spots glow. Now, the glow squid no longer looks out of place at the bottom of a dark ocean.
  2. The glow squid is now animated! As it swims around, lights on its tentacles and body light up in sequence, then go dark again after a short time. It’s now properly a light show, as promised in the original vote reveal.
  3. Particles no longer appear around the glow squid as it swims around. These particles work as a substitute light show replacing the animation, but now that the animation is here, they aren’t necessary. A pack option for enabling the particles is provided if you prefer to have them.

Four pack options are included to customize the glow squid further. Each option is shown below. The options are:

  • Top Left: Slow Animation Without Particles (Default)
  • Top Right: Fast Animation Without Particles (Matches Minecraft Earth)
  • Bottom Left: Slow Animation With Particles
  • Bottom Right: Fast Animation With Particles