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Am I becoming a texture pack maker now? Anyway, hello everybody! I made a texture pack a few weeks ago, and got some feedback on Discord (link will be down below). That pack only had one crosshair: a circle. So, I decided to make a NEW texture pack that changes the crosshair. This includes 8 different crosshairs + the default crosshair. They are all scaled up from the original 16x resolution to 48x. This gives it a high definition look while not slowing low-end devices. 

Here are the 8 different crosshair designs:

In Game Pictures: 

Square with cross (very popular)


Sniper Crosshair:

Box with dot at middle:

Cross with dot at middle:


Circle with dot at middle:

Small cross:

About the BLACK BOX that sometimes appears with the crosshair: It is not my fault, but Mojang’s. There is a bug where Minecraft includes a box around the crosshair, creating a color-inverted box around the crosshair. 

If you have this issue, then turn down anti-aliasing in Video settings down to 1. 




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