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Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the lunar surface, back in 1969,or…….was it the first one?

In this game, you are Subject-58, a product tester of Grissman Corp. Recently, this tech company has turned it’s focus on genome memory research, codename: ‘Project Synapsys’. Using it’s latest prototype, you are tasked to sync with one of the test profiles, Dimitri Kianov, a missing soviet cosmonaut during the era of space race.

Follow through the journey of a single man’s endeavour, an untold fearsome adventure to an unknown selestial body…….

Creator: Da_4Th_Edge(@da4thedge)


Game brightness100%

Device screen brightness30%

Render distance5





Compatible versions:

Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.10, v1.11, v1.12(beta)

Moonsite credit: (keithross39) here’s his wonderful moonscape map

Gameplay Walkthroughs:

Thanks to ‘just a button’ for this nice, complete walkthrough! Zero deaths

Thanks to ‘Khubeb786‘ for this epic gameplay!!! Verry cool!

Thanks to ‘ZynthrixX‘ for this detailed gameplay on updated version of this map! Very EPICC!

Thanks to ‘ToxicPlague‘ for this awesome gameplay at console edition! Nicely done!