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MC: Don’t Hit!
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This is a game that you don’t hit at the white or any white floors by moving left and right controller and some of whites are fake. Some of the levels has logic this game has levels 1-15 and there’s difficult like easy, medium, hard with shoutouts then download the game for more.

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A game that dont hit at white and some white are fake there are easy, medium, and hard like 1-15 levels you cannot spawn at the first theres orange block to your spawnpoint and the pink block is teleport  to the next levels you need to know the logic because some levels have logic. And some levels has patients and dont be angry because some levels anger me but i finish it and sorry If you found bugs if you found bugs just comment in comment section then subscribe to my channel.


Theres Easy

Easy is enought level you can finish it in 1 minute

Because the easy is preety slow like 0.3 block speed and the course is easy just move left or move right to finish the course.the easy color is lime its 1-5 levels.

Theres Normal

Normal is too much you can finish it in 30 minutes

Because the normal is normal slow like 0.6 block speed and the course is normal like you need to be patient to finish the course.the normal color is sky blue 6-10 levels.

Theres Hard

Hard is dangerous you can finish it in 1 hour

Because the hard is fast like 1 block speed and the course is so hard like you need to answer the logic to finish the course. The hard color is red 11-15 levels

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1.Don’t break blocks

2.Player gamemode is adventure

3.Don’t jump

4.Don’t kill dummies

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Don’t worry i verified this map 

And thanks to admin to approving this map 🙂

And im sorry im bad at english.


1.Click the mcworld

2.And click the apps( if you have )

3.And click minecraft

If not working

1.Install zachiver

2.Rename the .mcworld to .zip ( like dont_hit.mcworld To )

3.Then extract it

4.If you extract that you need to copy or move( or cut )

5.Then paste it to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

And done you can play "Dont Hit" minecraft map