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MC: SkyBlock by BioJawn [Survival]
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The Sky Block You’ve all been waiting for has Finally Arrived!

Based on the Original Skyblock and Skyblock 4 Map By DrTrogalstaid. With 10 Overworld Biomes This map has a lot to offer including a Behavior Pack for special Mob Drops and Trades!

Your Journey Starts Here!

Visit the Beach and the Desert! The Beach is surrounded by Warm Ocean, Ocean, and Cold Ocean Biomes.

The Jungle should have plenty of wood to get you on your way.

Water Freezes at Spawn Level in the Snowy Tundra. (Polar bears maybe?)

The Nether has a roof and walls (400 x 400 blocks) but No Floor or netherrack.

Two fortresses are within the Nether. One of them has one extra Lava!

Find the End Portal Frame in the Nether.

It Begins here. Can you Survive Skyblock by BioJawn?


Plains (all over world except the following)

Desert (4 chunks)

Snowy Tundra (4 chunks)

Jungle (4 chunks)

Beach (1 chuck)

Swamp (4 chunks)

Mooshroom Plains (1 chunk)

Savannah (1 chunk)

Flower Forest (1 chunk)

Oceans (Surrounding Beach chunk; Warm then Normal then Cold)

MOB DROPS: (In Behavior Pack)

Zombies: Gravel, Beetroot Seeds

Husks: Sand, Beetroot Seeds

Drowned: Clay

Witches: Lapis Ore

Wither Skellies: 1-2 coal guaranteed

Fishing: Sponge

Trading: Weapon Smith sells 1 Diamond for 64 Emeralds at tier 4 up to 9 trades per cycle!!!

What are you Waiting for?

This is your chance to play The SkyBlock Map you’ve been asking for!

The Challenges:

Old Challenges:

1) Build a Cobble Stone generator.

2) Build a house.

3) Expand the island.

4) Make a melon farm.

5) Make a pumpkin farm.

6) Make a reed/sugarcane farm.

7) Make a wheat farm.

8) Make a giant red mushroom.

9) Craft a bed.

10) Make 64 stone brick’s.

11) Make 20 torches.

12) Make an infinite water source.

13) Craft a furnace.

14) Make a small lake.

15) Build a platform 24 blocks away from the island, for mobs to spawn.

16) Make 10 cactus green dye.

17) Make 10 mushroom stew.

18) Craft 10 Jack ‘o’ lanterns.

19) Craft 10 bookcases.

20) Make 10 bread.

21) Collect 10 Ender-pearls.

22) Cook 10 fish.

23) Craft 10 Black Wool.

24) Craft 10 Gray Wool.

25) Craft 10 Light Gray Wool.

26) Craft 10 Lime Green Wool.

27) Craft 10 Red Wool.

28) Craft 10 Yellow Wool.

29) Craft 10 Pink Wool.

30) Craft 10 Green Wool.

31) Craft 10 Orange Wool.

32) Craft 10 Snow Golems.

33) Craft 20 Paintings.

34) Build and light a nether portal.

35) Craft 5 Gold Ingots.

36) Craft 16 Glass Panes.

37) Collect 50 birch logs.

38) Collect 64 arrows and craft a bow.

39) Craft 10 stone buttons.

40) Craft 30 stone slabs.

41) Craft 10 signs.

42) Craft 20 ladders.

43) Craft 20 fences.

44) Craft 20 fence gates.

45) Craft 10 levers.

46) Craft 10 trapdoors.

47) Craft 10 stone pressure plates.

48) Craft 10 wooden pressure plates.

49) Collect 64 bonemeal.

50) Craft 20 cobblestone stairs.

New Challenges:

51) Collect 64 iron.

52) Cure a zombie villager.

53) Use redstone in three contraptions.

54) Create a slime farm.

55) Make a lava aquaduct system.

56) Go to the end and defeat the enderdragon.

57) Find an elytra.

58) Make a turtle farm.

59) Make a bamboo farm.

60) Spawn and defeat the wither.

And So Much More!!!

(Let’s be honest, we could come up with Thousands at this point, so just go nuts!)

Please post comments and concerns as they arise. I Truly hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. 


Download the .mcworld and the .mcpack files. Double Click on each file to install them to your Minecraft game automatically. BEFORE you First open the World, Click on World Settings and Add the Resource Pack. You will thank me later :-)